Organic Erythritol 10-40 Mesh

Organic Erythritol 10-40 Mesh

10-40 Mesh Organic Xylitol is white crystal or crystalline powder, sourced from organic corn cob.



Product Introduction 
Organic xylitol is white crystal or crystalline powder, sourced from organic corn cob. With a sweetness equivalent to that of sucrose, soluble in water (160g/ml approximately) and slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol, with a melting point of 91°C-96°C, a boiling point of 216°C, and a calorific value of 16.72KJ/g (as the same with glucose). As it absorbs heat when dissolving in water, so when it is eaten in solid form, you will have a happy and cool mouthfeel. 10% xylitol solution has a pH value of 5.0-7.0.

Molecular Formula: C5H12O5

CAS NO. 87-99-0
Mesh: 10-40 Mesh
Appearance: White Crystalline
Production of Origin: China

Qingdao Oriental Tongxiang International Trading Co.,Ltd provides the best quality and price 10-40 mesh Chinese organic xylitol to customers from all over the world.

MOQ: 1000 KGS ( small order can be negotiable)

Delivery time:  Inventory for USA customers, and 1-3 weeks production periold for customers from other countries.

Payment term:  T/T, LC

With 20 years experiences in functional sugars,sweeteners and healthy food additives, we look forward to working with you in providing excellent ingredients for your products.

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