Eryluo And Eryvia

Eryluo And Eryvia

The ideal sweetener requirements are: safe and non-toxic, sweetness similar to sucrose, low calorific value or no calorific value, high stability and reasonable price.While blending sweeteners are fully capable of meeting these requirements


It's well known that stevia and monk fruit are all nature and low-calorie sweeteners.While Eryvia and eryluo are blending sweeteners that are completely fused to erythritol complex in a crystal by bio-specific compouding technique.

Blending doesn't change their nature low-calorie characteristics.Eryluo and eryvia are most popular blending products in the maekrt.

We can provide any sweetness of blending sweeteners,the most commonly used are 1time,2times,and 4times.Eryluo and eryvia supplied by our manufactures are concentrated abd crystallized after being completely fused in a liquid  so the mix uniformity is superior to other blending products。

In addition to nature and zero-calorie,erythritol also has a strong function of blocking odor.When the sweeteness is less than 4 times ,the taste is cool ,sweet,pleasant,and very good.solved the odor problem .

Samples and inventory are avaliable in our two US warehouse .one is in corona,and the other is in New York.You are welcome to visit and purchase at the wholesale price.

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