Low Calorie Sugar Achohol Fermentated Polyol Sugarless Erythritol

Low Calorie Sugar Achohol Fermentated Polyol Sugarless Erythritol

Erythritol is a natural, zero calorie, alternative sucrose filled sweetener, has the same clear sweetness with sucrose, widely found in natural plants and animals, such as Seaweed, mushrooms, melons, grapes, also exist in the human eye, serum, semen. Fermented foods Wines, beers, soy sauce, etc....


Erythritol is a natural, zero calorie, alternative sucrose filled sweetener, has the same clear sweetness with sucrose, widely found in natural plants and animals, such as Seaweed, mushrooms, melons, grapes, also exist in the human eye, serum, semen. Fermented foods Wines, beers, soy sauce, etc. also contain erythritol, but in very small amounts.

Erythritol is currently the only use of microbial fermentation of sugar alcohols. Based on the good health effects of erythritol and the excellent processing properties such as high thermal stability, low hygroscopicity and low freezing point, the application fields are very wide, such as food, medicine, chemical industry and many other aspects.

      Erythritol use

       First: the food field

       1. candy/chocolate food

       Erythritol tends to replace part of the sucrose as a diluent for low-calorie and high-intensity sweeteners in confectionary and chocolate products. In fact, in addition to the similar sweetness and sucrose characteristics, other features make erythritol in different types of candy, chocolate production play a significant role. High heat of dissolving can be made into a refreshing candy; easy to crystallize and not hygroscopic, which is convenient for all kinds of candies to avoid wet storage; good stability, which can prevent browning or decomposition phenomenon in general food processing, especially Brown sugar cooked under high temperature during browning. The use of erythritol has solved the blooming of chocolate caused by the high hygroscopicity of most functional sweeteners in the manufacture of chocolate. Chocolate made with other sweeteners is superior to sucrose in terms of food texture, flavor, mouthfeel and the like, and the use of heat-stable chocolate in an environment of 80 ° C or more greatly shortens the processing time and improves the quality Chocolate product flavor.

       2. baked goods

       In bakery products, erythritol can be used in cookies and cakes, in addition to reducing heat, but also improve the baking stability, extend the shelf life. Because of its good water-holding properties, the dough can be made more firm, resulting in a soft, light-colored final product with different mouth-solubility. Kraft has added erythritol to its Oreo products, which has been favored by consumers as it reduces calories and gives biscuits a cool mouthfeel.

       3. beverages

       Erythritol on the main sensory characteristics of the beverage is reflected in the increase of sweetness, heavy feeling and smoothness, reduce bitterness, cover up the smell, improve the overall flavor of the beverage, such as erythritol used in tea beverage can significantly reduce its Bitter taste; the use of erythritol dissolution of the characteristics of a large endothermic heat made of solid beverages; the use of erythritol to produce new low-calorie drinks, add erythritol juice drinks, can reduce the heat 75% 80%; Stabilizing properties can be used in beverages that require pasteurisation, short-term high temperature and ultra-high temperature sterilization processes. Erythritol promotes the combination of ethanol molecules and water molecules in solution to reduce the odor and sensory stimuli of alcohol in alcoholic drinks and to improve the quality of distilled and wine. Both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have introduced Vitaminwater and lifewater, a zero-calorie drink formulated with both erythritol and stevia, based on the caloric value of erythritol and its pure taste.

       4. health food

       Due to its special physiological metabolism mechanism, erythritol is not easily degraded by enzymes, does not participate in glucose metabolism, does not cause changes in blood glucose, and is known as "zero" caloric sweetener, thus it can be used to develop diabetes, glucose discomfort , Obesity and other groups of functional foods or beverages. Erythritol is resistant to dental caries and can not be used by pathogens such as Streptococcus mutans, so candy made from erythritol, toothpaste for children and chewing gum have a positive effect on the protection of children's oral health.

       Second: medicine/health products areas

       1.  In medicine, health products industry, erythritol can be used as a solid preparation flavoring agent and tablet excipients, can be made into a coating, tabletting accessories, powder, granules, capsules, etc., not only effective Improve the taste of solid preparations, swallowing process, most of the oral cavity, pharynx and esophagus can be absorbed by the biofilm, but also has the protection of gastric mucosa, rapid onset, high bioavailability and other salient features. Chengdu Wei Li Co., Ltd. using erythritol outstanding medical and health effects, research and development of erythritol effervescent tablets, for diabetic patients with nutritional supplements and adjuvant therapy, while improving liver function and anti-fatty liver.

       2. Anti-caries. One of the hallmarks of erythritol is to reduce the risk of dental caries, a feature that has been demonstrated in vitro. Erythritol can not be fermented by bacteria in the mouth, especially Streptococcus mutans. The Muhlemann test validates the difference between flushing teeth with sucrose and erythritol, which is not detrimental to the teeth as sucrose solution because its pH does not drop below the critical value of 5.7. In vivo studies demonstrate that erythritol directly inhibits the growth of several Streptococcus mutans, and these studies show that erythritol inhibits or reduces plaque formation

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