Sugarless ingredient sugar free natural Stevia TSG 95% RA60%

Sugarless ingredient sugar free natural Stevia TSG 95% RA60%

Stevia TSG 95% RA60% Product Introduction Stevia Extract is a natural, non-caloric, sweet-tasting plant used around the world for its pleasant taste, as well as for its increasingly researched potential for inhibiting fat absorption and lowering blood pressure. Stevia is has become a major...


Stevia  RA60% TSG 95%

Do you know stevia extract?

It is 100% natural sweetener and can replace cane sugar,dextrose, sucralose, aspartame etc.

What is advantage of stevia extract?

Sugar free, totally natural, similar taste with sugar, high sweetness (300 times than suagr)

What is the application of stevia?

Stevia extract expecially Reb-A series are used on health food/beverage including sugarfree table sachets, Zero Coco Cola, sugarless bar/biscuit etc.

Is stevia Non-GMO?

Yes, our stevia has certified with NON-GMO project.

Has stevia extract been certified with NOP and EU?

Steiva only has NOP certification. But Europe stopped approving EU organic certificaiton of stevia from 2014 because of iron-exchange prcessing.

What is the trend of stevia?

The market for the future stevia will be driven by the fact that per capita consumption of zero-calorie beverages and development of innovative Stevia products are cost-effective and health-friendly. The high growth potential in emerging markets and undeveloped regions provides market participants with new growth opportunities. Stevia has gained popularity in many countries due to its zero glycemic index and zero calories. FDA approves and attributes GRAS status to the reduction of Reb A's steviol glycosides as a positive contributor to the Stevia market.

Depending on the application trend, the tabletop sweetener fraction is expected to be the fastest growing part of the Stevia industry. Based on the application, the desktop sweetener sector is forecast to grow fastest, especially in Asian economies that demand more for sugar substitutes in developing countries. The convenience food market is driven by major product innovations, new product introductions, changing consumer preferences for taste and taste, and increased demand for premium products.

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