Sugar Alternative Stevia rebaudiana/Stevia Reb A 99%

Sugar Alternative Stevia rebaudiana/Stevia Reb A 99%

Stevia Reb A 99% Product Introduction Stevia is natural and derived from the leaves of Stevia plant, it does not contain any harmful chemicals often found in artificial sweeteners. Stevia is safe for diabetics, has been shown to help prevent tooth decay, and has even been recommended by the...



Stevia Reb A 99%

As people's living standards improve, people's requirements for natural sweeteners will increase dramatically year by year, and synthetic sweeteners will gradually be eliminated. This is the trend of the times. As the third largest source of sugar in the world today, stevia has gradually taken the world's attention. Domestic market needs stevia to fill a huge gap in sugar, the international market has been tight-knit products, actually buy the object. Therefore, in the face of this rare opportunity, relying on the rich resources of raw materials in our country and the advantages of advanced technologies, the vigorous development of stevioside products will make a great contribution to the international market.

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