Natural Sweetness--stevia Extract

Natural Sweetness--stevia Extract

Stevia RA series include Stevia RA98, Stevia RA97, Stevia RA95, Stevia RA90, and Stevia RA60 etc., the figure is higher ,the sweetness is higher  and the taste is better.


Stevia RA series include Stevia RA99,Stevia RA98, Stevia RA97, Stevia RA95, Stevia RA90, Stevia RA80 and Stevia RA60 etc., higher figure with higher sweetness and the taste is better.




White to yellowish crystal powder or granules and is the most outstanding composite of sweetness in stevia sugar. Its sweetness is 300~400 times that of cane sugar, but its calorie is only 1/300 of that of cane sugar. Its taste is quite close to that of cane sugar. It has a refreshing taste and no rear bitterness and is a replacement product for stevia sugar, but it maintains the original advantages of stevia sugar. The sweet taste can retain in the mouth; it has a melting point of 196~198, so it is tolerant to high temperature. It is relatively stable in acidity and basicity solutions (PH3-9) and it can better improve the taste quality of the food so as to upgrade the quality and grade of products.

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