Natural Sweetener Sugar Free Stevia Reb A 98%

Natural Sweetener Sugar Free Stevia Reb A 98%

Stevia Reb A 98% is a kind of natural sweetener with zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index. It is widely used in food and beverage fields.Its sweetness is 300 times than cane sugar.


It has become a new trend of the international industrial community to develop new sweet substances from natural sources to replace synthetic chemical sweeteners. The natural sweetener represented by stevia has an annual growth rate of 21.3% in the international market, which is much higher than the sales growth rate of chemical synthetic sweeteners.

Stevia dominant dominance

Stevia has become a leader in natural sweeteners, which contain no heat and are very safe to the human body, with sweetness equivalent to 200 to 300 times that of sucrose. At present, stevia international market sales reached billions of dollars, the sales momentum even overwhelmed the traditional chemical synthetic sweeteners such as sodium saccharin.

Prior to this, the European medical community has reported a large number of long-term consumption of artificial sweeteners such as containing aspartame will increase the risk of dementia and other neurological diseases and the incidence of cardiovascular disease caused by negative reports, so Europe and the United States consumers now Begin to alienate artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame, sodium cyclamate and sodium saccharin, and they are more willing to consume foods containing natural sweeteners. International beverage giants, including big companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, now also make heavy use of natural sweeteners such as stevia to reduce their use of aspartame or sodium saccharin.

Multi-way search for sweeteners rookie

Following the world's recognition that stevioside has gained international prominence, the western manufacturers have introduced a new all-natural sweetener product, the new sweetener from the mysterious fruit of the tropical jungles in West Africa, Protein (chemical name: Thaumatin). At present, the product has been listed in many developed countries including the United States, Japan, Europe, Israel and so on. As early as a dozen years ago, Thaumatin has been recognized as "a product that is safe for human health" (GRAS grade food) because its main ingredient is protein. According to the manufacturer, Thaumatin's sweetness is equivalent to 2,000 to 3,000 times that of sucrose. It requires only a very small amount to achieve high sweetness. The only drawback is that the source is not extensive and it is difficult to expand production.

In recent years, scientists in the United States have successfully used recombinant DNA to synthesize a hybrid tumor of Thaumatin-producing genes with cellular DNA of high-yielding plants such as tobacco, and then carrying this transgenic plant in the field to extract the same as thaumatin Sweet substance Japanese scientists use "Aspergillus niger" by means of recombinant DNA and other technical means to transform it into engineering bacteria, and then cultivate the engineered bacteria in a fermenter, but also extract the same sweetener and thaumatin. In summary, the technical challenges of large-scale production of new plant sweeteners have been overcome, and Thaumatin-based sweeteners are expected to become the backbone of the international sweetener market in the future. Recently, our country Hubei far city science and technology development company has also used the biological engineering technology to produce the kiwi sweet protein product, and already had the small amount of product export.

A new high-sweetness natural sweetener similar to kiwi, also known as Monatin, is also an amino acid sweetener extracted from the bark of a tropical plant in Africa. Although it has not been developed into a commercial product, it has been studied in toxicology in many countries in the United States and Europe and proved to be a non-toxic and harmless foodstuff. It is suitable as a sweetener to replace sugar.

In addition to a new source of natural sweeteners, some Western manufacturers are working hard to develop complex natural sweeteners and make some progress. For example, a company in Chicago recently introduced Steviacane, a new complex sweetener product. According to reports, the sweetener new product is a mixture of white sugar and a small amount of stevia. Its sweetness is similar to that of white sugar, but the total calories are comparable to those of the same amount Sugar reduced by 75%. It is also feasible to extract a new type of natural sweetener from common crops. A United States-based company called Quaker Food Additive extracted a new type of sweetener product from the hydrolyzed oats that are commonly planted in North America. If allowed to market, the future of natural sweeteners will be added to a new breed.

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