USDA Organic Pure Stevia Extract SG95% RA60%

USDA Organic Pure Stevia Extract SG95% RA60%

USDA Organic Stevia SG95% RA60% for sale Product Introduction USDA Organic Stevia SG95% RA60% for sale, also called TSG95RA60, derived from the leaves of Stevia plant which grow in China, so it is considered to as a natural and sugar free sweetener with zero calorie. TSG95RA60 is widely used in...


According to insiders, it is estimated that the global market value of steviol glycosides will reach 565 million USD by 2020, accounting for about 15% of the global sweetener market. Why stevioside market so rapidly?

1. Consumer awareness of health promotion

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the health benefits of consuming low-calorie sugars. Increasing levels of obesity, coupled with the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, drive consumers to be healthier The choice, thus greatly increased the market demand for stevia, promote its market development.

2. Government's positive behavior

The government's active encouragement to promote people to reduce their intake of sugars has greatly promoted the market development of stevia. Today, governments all over the world are actively encouraging the cultivation of stevia glycosides, which is tantamount to "market expansion" for the market development of stevia. According to PMR's market research on the global stevioside market, some proactive regulations on the stevioside market in Europe and the United States will create more room for development and opportunities for the market, at least during the forecast period.

3. Natural sweeteners market demand

There is an increasing demand in the market for sweeteners derived from natural plant sources, and contemporary consumers are actively seeking natural, clean-label products. Naturally, the demand for plant sources of this natural sweetener, such as steviol glycosides, will increase .

4. Major suppliers of "proactive"

Most of the steviol glycoside suppliers are aware of the positive attitude of consumers to stevioside, stevioside products are vigorously developed to open up their market applications, and is still constantly seeking innovation and development.

5. Stable supply chain is also indispensable in the process of stevioside market.

6. Consumer positive attitude toward products of stevioside origin

According to the PMR's Social Media Sentiment Analysis, most social media users hold positive positive emotions for steviol glycosides on different social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) and attitude. The sentiment analysis revealed that the hot spot for the discussion of stevioside is North America, further illustrating that Twitter is the most commonly used platform for discussing stevioside and stevioside products. Stevioside-containing packaged foods are the most talked-about in social media, and most of these discussions are positive. This is also one of the important factors to promote the market development of stevioside.

According to PMR's market application analysis of stevioside, the main application fields of stevioside market are beverages, packaged foods, sweeteners, food supplements, bakery products and dairy products. In all areas of application, beverages (including energy drinks, hot drinks, soft drinks, etc.) will occupy the largest proportion of the forecast period.

In terms of market segmentation, North America and Asia Pacific (APEJ) with the exception of Japan are the regions with the highest market potential for steviol glycosides. North America is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 9.8% for the forecast period, while the steviol glycoside market in Asia Pacific excluding Japan will also show a high level of growth. With the exception of these two regions, Latin America is also a great potential market for steviol glycosides.

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