Organic Sweetener Stevia RA 80%

Organic Sweetener Stevia RA 80%

100% Organic Stevia RA80% Product Introduction Top Food Grade GMO Free 100% Organic Stevia RA80%, derived from the leaves of Stevia plant which grow in China, so it is a natural and sugar free sweetener with zero calorie. Not less than RA80% of the total of the seven named steviol glycosides1 on...


"Organic" is very popular concept in recent years, expecially in food industry. However, "organic" has two types as per the standard of NOP/EU. That is "100% organic" and "Made with Organic". For example of stevia, 100% organic means that all of steps have been certified with Organic from raw material to the production. Made with Organic is only for the production certified. So you can find many manufacturers or suppliers have organic certifications in China. But in fact, only 2-3 manufacturers have 100% organic certification. And our company is one of them. 

If your final product is organic or you are interested in 100% organic stevia, please contact with us by calling or email ( We would like to introduce more information about organic stevia. YOU EAT, WE CARE!

Stevia Reb-A  40%



It is white or light yellow powder.


The sweetness of it is 280~450 times of cane sugar.


Stevia Reb-A is higher, the taste is better.



Stevia Reb-A  50%

Stevia Reb-A  60%

Stevia Reb-A  80%

Stevia Reb-A  90%

Stevia Reb-A  95%

Stevia Reb-A  97%

Stevia Reb-A  98%

Stevia Reb-A  99%


Certified with Halal, Kosher, ISO20002, Non-GMO, Organic

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