Water-Soluble Powder Sorbitol/sugar alternative sorbitol liquid with Low Price

Water-Soluble Powder Sorbitol/sugar alternative sorbitol liquid with Low Price

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1. Sorbitol has powder and liquid.It is a kind of sugar alcohol/polyols without calories.Which is used as a natural sweeteners in sugar free products or sugar less products.

Product nameWater-soluble powder sorbitol with low price
AppearanceColourless, syrupy liquid
Dry substance   %69--71
Water content       %29--31
Refractive index(20ºC)1.4575--1.4620
D-Sorbitol  (as dry substance)%50 Min
Specific gravity(20ºC)g/ml1.285--1.315
Resistivity     µs/cm10 Max
Reducing sugars   %0.15 Max
Total sugars         %4.0-8.0
Ignition Residue0.10 Max
Nickel    mg/kg1.0 Max
Chloride      mg/kg10 Max
Sulphate      mg/kg50 Max
Heavy metals(as Pb) mg/kg1.0 Max
Arsenic(as As2O3) mg/kg1.0 Max
Total Plant Count cfu/g100 Max
Resist experiment-18ºC  48h Non-crystal
 Sorbitol (liquid) may be required for the production of ice cream, popsicles, cakes, beverages, biscuits, bread, pickles, candy. Actual production, sorbitol can be used as nutritive sweeteners, wetting agents, chelating agents and stabilizers. The use of sorbitol food, for diabetes, liver disease, cholecystitis patients with eating. In addition to as a sweetener, the sorbitol also has a moisturizing, chelated metal ions, improve the organization (to make cakes and delicate, to prevent the aging of starch) role.

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