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Xylitol (SM - XYLITOL)
Feb 02, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:SM - XYLITOL

  • Resource:Natural

  • Xylitol:Assay %: 98.5 Min, Typical Test 99.8

  • Trademark:SM-X

  • Specification:QB

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:2905491000

Product Description
Xylitol (namely pentose alcohol)
Chemical Name: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, -Pentahydroxypentane
CAS No.: 87-99-0 EINECS: 201-788-0
Molecular Formula: C5H12O5 Molecular Weight: 152.15.
Assay %: 98.5 min, typical test 99.8
Certificates of Kosher, Halal.

We have been exporting Xylitol to worldwide market.
Xylitol is white crystalline powder, a new natural sweetener made from corncob or sugar cane bagasse. Its sweetness level equals that of sucrose. Xylitol also exists in various plants such as vegetables, fruits and wild mushrooms.
Xylitol can be directly utilized by human cells in cases of lack of insulin in the human body because of its insulin-independent nature.
It can supply liver glycogen and improves liver function, this is the reason why xylitol is ideal for use in the resuscitation of patients from diabetic and hepatic coma.

Xylitol has the function of tooth-decay prevention, because it can not be utilized by cariogenic bacteria in oral cavity.
No Fermentation: Xylitol is anti-cariogenic because xylitol can not be utilized by buccal cariogenic bacteria and thus prevents the growth of bacteria and acid.

Solubility: Xylito is soluble in water. When eaten Xylitol gives a pleasant cool and fresh sensation owing to its character of high endothermic in solution.
Sweetness: The sweetness of xylitol equals that of sucrose at normal temperature; Xylitol is 1.2 times of sucrose at lower temperatures. With maltose it equals the sweetness of sucrose when xylitol exceeds half of the amount. (Test based on 10% sucrose solution as reference).

Stable Blood Glucose Level: The metabolism of xylitol in human body does not involve insulin and will not cause blood glucose levels to rise.
Chemical Stability: Xylitol has a nature of high heat-resistance; Xylitol is passive to acid and alkali, Xylitol will not react on amino phenol and protein.
Xylitol, as a sweetener with anti-cariogenic character, it can be used in foods like chewing gum, cakes, chocolates, candies; As the moisturizer and defrosting agent, it can be used in toothpaste and mouth cleansers etc.

When used with other sugar alcohols, xylitol can produce a similar taste to sucrose. Xylitol can be used as the sweetener of low sugar foods and soft drinks.
Xylitol is cool and refreshing when taste. It is good for cakes, dessert or medical tablets that can be taken without water.

The metabolism of xylitol involves no insulin in human body, so it will not make blood glucose levels to rise. It is ideal for diabetes patients as injection or oral therapy when the glucose metabolism is abnormal.
Xylitol is a multi-alcoholic material. It can be used as a moisturizer in cosmetics and is safe to skin.
Food Industry: Sugar-free chewing gums, sugar-free chocolates, sugar-free candies, sugar-free cakes, sugar-free drinks and fruit jellies, etc.
Medicine: Injections, health drinks, digestive drugs, throat soother, cough syrup, etc.

Cosmetics: Face cream, beauty cream, cleaner, etc.
Hygienic Product: Toothpaste, mouth cleansers, etc. Contact us for further documents!