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Feb 05, 2017

Product Detail

Product Description

mian characteristics:
  1.Non-enzymatic browning reaction.
  2.No fermentation by yeast.
  3.Moisture absorption.
  4.Cool sensation.
  6.Improve liver function.
main applciation:
  Used in food products according to requirements:
         In confection as chewing gum, gum confection, toffee, soft sweets, jelly, chocolates, buccal tablet , etc., 
         In drinks, milk, bread, candied fruit, biscuit, jam, eight ingredient gruel, etc, to keep longer & better sweet taste.
   Used in pharmaceutical and chemical products :
         In medical products as injections, oral liquid, tablet , electuary etc. 
         In chemical products as storage battery, paper-making, tooth paste, mouth wash and a variety of skin care products etc.