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Xylitol Food Grade & Pharm Grade
Feb 03, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Xylitol

  • Nutritional Value:Nutritional

  • Effect:Stabilization

  • Resource:Natural

Product Description
1, Xylitol can effectively prevent tooth decay.
2, Xylitol has healthcare functions.

English name: XYLITOL
Chemical Abstracts Registration No.: [87-99-0]
Molecular formula: C5H1205
Molecular weight: 152.15
Properties: It is white crystal or crystalline powder, sweet, with a sweetness equivalent to that of sucrose, soluble in water (160g/ml approximately) and slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol, with a melting point of 91° C-96° C, a boiling point of 216° C, and a calorific value of 16.72KJ/g (as the same with glucose). As it absorbs heat when dissolving in water, so when it is eaten in solid form, you will have a happy and cool mouthfeel. 10% xylitol solution has a pH value of 5.0-7.0.

Edibility characteristics of xylitol

1. Structurally, xylitol has no aldehyde group and ketone group, so it will not produce "Maillard" browning reaction while heating and may be made into bakery food of different flavors.
2. Xylitol is capable of promoting proliferation of bifidobacterium as well as beneficial flora in intestinal tract and improving gastrointestinal function; With high activity, it is a promising functional additive.
3. As xylitol can hardly be fermented by yeast, it is a poor medium for microorganisms.
4. Cool feeling of xylitol can increase flavor of mint, spearmint and other food.
5. As provided in GB2760 that, xylitol is applicable for various foods, and may be added appropriately according to production needs.