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Xylitol Candy Market Prospects
Dec 13, 2016

Sugar-free candies, as the name suggests, is made of does not constitute a decayed tooth sugar-containing candy, the heat more than 1/3 less than regular candy, and other nutrients are the same. Due to the low heat to avoid obesity due to excess intake of sugar. In addition, sugar-free candy used had no effect on blood glucose after eating sweetener rather than sugar, it is particularly suitable for coronary heart disease, diabetes and other people eating. Is a kind of health food in the world in recent years.
Refreshing is sugar-free candy, one of the most sought after feature. Given sugar-free candy that features the big hero is xylitol. Refreshing taste of xylitol by highlighting the percentage of sugar alcohols used in product formulations to obtain. For example, xylitol is almost 10 times larger than the heat of solution of sucrose, xylitol dissolved can absorb a lot of heat, so that the surrounding medium and low temperature. Added in all kinds of food will refresh after crystallization of xylitol tastes, such as Peppermint, Spearmint flavor foods, is the truth.
At present, main types of sugar-free candy to sugar-free chewing gum and sugar-free hard candy, the majority, and showed a trend of rapid development. The same time, many industry experts expressed optimistic about the prospects for development of sugar-free candy, and sugar-free candy in the candy industry is the most important, the development of one of the fastest category. Due to the large number of consumers for obese avoid in patients with certain diseases and control of the intake of sugar, and sugar-free candy itself does not cause tooth decay and the advantages of low-calorie, sugar-free candies market potential is huge.
In chewing gum, for example, is currently in the Nordic countries, add xylitol, sugar-free chewing gum more than 80% of the total content of chewing gum and sugar-free gum, China only accounts for less than half of the overall market, brand main Lotto, Wrigley, tatsu, beautiful friend. With Lotto, the benefit of innovation, and constant power of Meiji, Mentos, the markets will in the future showed a trend of rapid development. According to statistics of the China National candy Association, in recent years the development of multiple sugar alcohols such as xylitol, including xylitol chewing gum, sugar-free candies market will continue to surge.