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Feb 02, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Efficacy:Promote Healthy & Growth

  • Classification:Food Additives

  • Type:Sweeteners

  • Appearance:Powder

  • Color:White

Product Description
Product name; Xylitol
CAS No; 87-99-0
Molecular Formula; C5H12O5
Molecular weight; 152.15

1, To produce gum. Chewing gum, toffee, soft candy, jelly, chocolate, chewing tableta and etc, can cool the throat, dean the teeth and be anti-cariogenic.

2, Being instead of sucrose to add in soft drink, milk. Bread. Preserved fruit. Biscuit, yoghurt, jam. Porridge and etc to keep longer and better sweet taste because of its non-fermentability by yeast.

3, Added in cosmetic product and toothpaste, no sticky feeling and refreshing. Xylitol can keep moisture and improve the rough skin similar as glycerin.

4, Being good substitute to sucrose, to make dishes like sour and sweet pork or fish, very safe to diabetics. Our suggestion is no more than 40g/day for adult and half for child.