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What Are Food Additives Classified?
Dec 13, 2016

China food additives total is divided into 23 big class, including acidity regulation agent, and anti-knot agent, and elimination bubble agent, and anti-oxidant, and bleach, and expanded pine agent, and coloring agent, and nursing color agent, and emulsion Agent, and enzyme preparations, and increased taste agent, and flour processing agent, and was film agent, and water keep agent, and nutrition strengthened agent, and preservatives, and stable and solidification agent, and sweet agent, and increased heavy agent, and spice, and rubber Sam sugar based agent, and salty agent and other.
Food Enhancer is a nutritional ingredients added to food to enhance the natural or synthetic substances, belonging to the natural nutrients of food additives. As food additive in the food industry plays a more and more important role, more kind of States permit the use of food additives. United States has more than 25000 species of different additive in the food of more than 20000. Japan food additives used in about 1100 species. European Union 1000~1500 food additive is used.
Permits the use of food additives in China along with the progress of time is increasing. License to 1513 the varieties of species, including food spices 1027.
Food additive categories can be divided according to their origin, function and safety.
Food can be divided into natural food additives (such as animal and plant extracts, microbial metabolites) and artificial chemical compounds. Artificial chemical compounds can be broken down into chemical compounds and synthetic natural equivalents (such as natural the same fragrances, colors, etc).
FAO/WHO food additives according to the different functions are divided into 40 categories; the European Union is divided into 9 classes only; Japan is divided into 9 classes China promulgated in 1990, "classification and codes for food additives," according to its main function is divided into 20 categories, otherwise. Too much perfume varieties separately.
Food additives technology
01 acidity regulator
02 anticaking agents
03 defoaming agent
04 antioxidants
05 bleach
06 leavening agents
07 gum base agent
08 colorants
09 color fixative
10 emulsifier
11 enzymes
12 the flavor enhancer
13 flour treatment agent
14 films
15 water retention agent
16 fortification
17 preservatives
18 stable and coagulating agent
19 sweetener
20 thickener
Safety evaluation
CCFA (Committee on food additives of the United Nations) in the JECFA (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on food additives) to discuss on the basis of the food additives are divided into a, b, C3, each class is subdivided into ①, ② 2 class.
Category: ① established daily tolerable intake (ADI) Provisional ADI II
Category b: ① safety evaluation was conducted without establishing ADI values; II has not been safety evaluation
Category c: ① think uses in food insecurity II should be strictly limited, as certain special purpose