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Jan 28, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Sugar Alcohol

  • Nutritional Value:Non-nutritional Type

  • Effect:Retains Water

  • Resource:Natural

  • Trademark:baolingbao

  • Origin:China

Product Description
Trehalose is a dihydrous crystalline and non-reducing disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules linked by an a,a-1,1 bond. Trehalose is manufactured from starch using enzymes technology.
Test ItemStandard
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Loss on drying(60 ºC), %≤1.5
Residue on Ignition, %≤0.05
pH(30% solution)5.0-6.7
Color in solution(30% solution)≤0.1
Turbidity (30% solution), %≤0.05
Assay, Trehalose (on dry basis), %≥98
Heavy metals (Pb), mg/kg≤1.0
Lead, mg/kg≤0.1
Arsenic(As), mg/kg≤0.5
Total Count of microbial, cfu/g≤300
Coliform organismsNegative
Yeast and Mould, mpn/g≤100
Packaged in multi-layer craft paper bag with food grade PE inner bag, net 25kg/bag.
(Other packaging types are available on requests)
24 months if stored under recommended storage conditions.