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The Abuse Of Food Additives What Harm
Dec 13, 2016

In today's food processing industry, are widely used as food additives. What about food additives affect on human health?
Food additives can enhance food quality stability, preventing food spoilage and food traits. According to the sources can be divided into two large categories of natural and chemical synthesis, can be classified by their use essences, spices, dyes, antioxidants, fungicides, flavoring agents, sweetening agents, bleaches, APA and nutritional fortification agent and so on.
However, almost 40 years, the States due to the abuse of food additives, poisoning incidents one after another. According to the analysis, cancer of the 5 million people worldwide each year, where 50% is the result of food contamination, some of which is from food additives, such as cows in pigment yellow, auramine, artificial sweeteners saccharin and preservative diethyl pyrocarbonate has been disabled, and so on, are suspected carcinogens.
A major cause of a food additive preservatives, it has chemical to kill microorganisms or inhibit their reproduction role, although most preservatives are nontoxic and low toxicity, but excessive doses, side effects significantly. At present China's widespread use of the preservative sorbic acid, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, phytocide, carbon dioxide, nitrate, nitrite, in sulphur, and so on, with sulfite higher cancer risks, such as soy sauce have sulfite, nitrosation reaction happens when it enters the body, produce carcinogenic nitrosamine ammonia, liver, esophageal cancer. Methyl sorbate and sorbic acid is one of the internationally recognized safe preservatives.