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Stevia Why Fire?
Dec 13, 2016

Latest market reports indicate that in 2014, the global stevia market value is estimated to be $347 million, and continued rapid growth in excess of 8% compound annual growth rate, by 2020 the market value is expected to reach $565 million, will take up global sweetener market of about 15%. Why stevia market is growing so fast?
1. the improvement of consumers ' awareness of health these days, consumer awareness of health benefits of low calorie intake of sugars and higher, rising levels of obesity, coupled with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, have prompted consumers to make healthier choices, and greatly increased the demand for stevia market, promote the development of its market.
2. active government as the Government is actively encouraging people to reduce their sugar intake, this practice has greatly promoted the development of Stevia market. Today, Governments around the world are actively encouraging the cultivation of Stevia, the stevia market development is tantamount to "a menace". According to the PMR this market to the global market for stevia, the study said recently in Europe and United States on the stevia market enthusiasm for some of the regulations will be for the market to create greater space for development and opportunity, so at least in the forecast period.
3. natural sweetener market demand increases demand for natural plant sources of sweeteners on the market more and more, contemporary consumers are actively seeking natural, clean label products, this natural sweetener stevia plant sources of demand has naturally increased.
4. the major supplier of "proactive" most suppliers of Stevia are aware of the positive attitude of consumers of Stevia, so developing stevia products to expand their markets, and also in the constant search for innovation and development.
5. stable supply chains in the stevia market development process is also essential
6. consumers positive attitude towards the source of stevioside product
According to the PMR's social media sentiment analysis found that in different social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, led Britain, YouTube and so on), most social media users of stevioside hold positive feelings and attitudes. The sentiment analysis of stevioside was found to discuss hot spots in North America, further shows Twitter is discussion of Stevia and stevia products most commonly used platforms. Source of stevioside on packaged food in social media being discussed the most times, and most of these discussions are positive. It is also important for stevia market development factors.
According to the PMR market analysis of stevioside, stevia market in the main field of application is a beverage, packaging, food, sweeteners, food supplements, bakery products and dairy products. In all applications, beverages (including energy drinks, hot drinks, soft drinks, etc) will account for the largest proportion in the forecast period.
And in terms of market segment, and in North America in addition to Japan out of the Asia-Pacific region (APEJ) is the largest regional stevia market potential. North America is expected over the forecast period will be to maintain the momentum and growth with CAGR of 9.8%, except Japan stevia outside the Asia-Pacific market will also be a high level of growth is a growing trend. In addition to these two regions, Latin America is the stevia market a large potential market.