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Stevia Can Reduce Blood Sugar
Dec 13, 2016

Stevia rebaudiana is native to South America, Brazil, and Paraguay primeval forest. Use it to extract the Glycoside and its 300 times sweeter than sugar, 1/300 only sugar and calories. Because stevia does not participate in metabolism in the human body, and does not provide heat, and the treatment effect is particularly suitable for patients with obesity and diabetes. Studies have shown that, after taking stevia extract, glucose levels decreased significantly. Therefore, the new platform and the Chinese herbal medicine Materia Medica have recorded, stevia has a blood sugar-lowering effect.

Stevia burst bubble drink in treating diabetes, is simple and easy. Common weight was 3-9 grams, using boiling water, can also be equipped with corn, asparagus of gynostemma pentaphyllum, medlar, American ginseng chips equivalent. For those who also have high blood cholesterol and Dim vision people, matching more than one or two types of herbal medicine.