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Sodium Cyclamate Sugar Replacement for Diabetic Patients
Jan 26, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:W1004S

  • Type:Sodium Cyclamate

  • Nutritional Value:Sweetening Agents

  • Effect:Sugar Replacement

  • Resource:Chemosynthesis

  • CAS:68476-78-8

  • Einecs:270-698-1

  • Sweetener Code:952

  • Chemical Formula:C6h12nnao3s

  • Molecular Weight:201.22 G/Mol

  • Chemical Name:Sodium N-Cyclohexylsulfamate

  • Meets The Standard:GB12488-95

  • Usage:Food, Beverage, Seasoning and Condiment for Cookin

  • Trademark:Woqiang

  • Specification:GB12488-95

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:2929901000

Product Description

1. Description: Healthy sweetening agents sodium cyclamate sugar replacement
                      for diabetic patients                                  
                                 Executive Standard: GB12488-95
                                 also meets the international standards of FCC, BP, VSP, etc.
2. Specification: 
Model No.: W1004S
Chemical formula: C6H12NNaO3S
Molecular weight: 201.22 g/mol
CAS NO: 68476-78-8
Code: GB12488-95
Sodium cyclamate is a synthetic sweetener that has been used for many years world wide.
Sodium cyclamate is 50-60 sweeter than sucrose.
Advantages & Characteristics

Excellent solubility
Pure, sucrose-like sweetness
100% non-toxic
High stability to heat, acid and alkali

 · Sodium cyclamate is a synthetic sweetener that has been used for many years world wide.
 · Sodium cyclamate is 100% non-toxic.
   Prolonged use of sodium cyclamate will not cause any adverse effect. 
 · Sodium cyclamate is resistant to heat, acid and alkali.
   It will not absorb moisture even under prolonged exposure to air. 
 · Sodium cyclamate is very soluble in water. Its aqueous solution is neutral.
 · Sodium cyclamate is not degradable by fermentation. It is suitable under normal storage condition.
· in ice cream, coffee, fruit juice, carbonated beverage, tea, alcoholic beverage,  can, biscuit, pastry, bread,
  fruit jam, jelly, confection, pickles, sauce, feed
· in seasoning and condiment for cooking.
· in cosmetics, toothpaste, lip balm, mouth wash, icing.
· as sugar surrogate.
Dosage for Reference:
1. For general use, mix one part of sodium cyclamate in 500 parts of water.
2. The sweetness of 10g of sodium cyclamate alone is equivalent to 500g of sucrose.
3. When sodium cyclamate is used in combination with sucrose, sweetness can be increased by 80 folds.
4. When sodium cyclamate is used in combination with sucrose and citric acid   (0.3% w/w),
    sweetness can be increased by 100 folds.
5. When sodium cyclamate is used in combination with sucrose, 0.3% (w/w) of citric acid and 10% (w/w)
    of saccharin, sweetness can be increased by 150 folds.


Type A (Acicular)

Type B (Flake)




Drying loss(105ºC)












Heavy metal(Pb)









Clarity (10% W/V aq. sol.)



Sweetness Equivalency table

Sodium cyclamate


Citric acid


Equivalent to sucrose

2 kg


=100 kg

1 kg

+40 kg


=100 kg

0.65 kg

+40 kg

+0.003 kg


=100 kg

0.4 kg

+40 kg

+0.002 kg

+0.04 kg

=100 kg

Keep in a cool and dry place.
Protect from sunshine and preserved in tight containers.
Avoid contamination.

Packing Details
25kgs net weight in a cardboard drum

Or as customers' requirement
It takes 3-15 days for delivery after customers' payment , or depends on the order quantity.

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