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Reb-a, Rebaudiana Extract, Stevioside, Natural Sweetener
Jan 27, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Plant Extract

  • Nutritional Value:Nutritional

  • Effect:Stabilization

  • Resource:Natural

  • Trademark:SXY

  • Transport Package:Drum, Carton

  • Specification:Carton: 57cm*40cm*39cm; Drum: 36cm*36cm*58cm

  • Origin:Shandong, China

  • HS Code:293890

Product Description
Natural / Low calorie/ High Sweetness / Safety / Stability /Health Care
RA stevia is the most widely used stevia product, and manufactured according to the stevia standard of Chinese national food standard GB2760-2011.
It is white or light yellow powder or granule with lasting and cool sweetness. It has high sweetness and low calorie.
Its sweetness is 280 times higher than that of cane stevia, but its calorie is just 1/300 of it. It can prevent people from hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and dental caries etc., and it is a perfect substitute sweetener for cane stevia.
Reb-A 99%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥99%, Reb-A≥99%,ST≤0.5%,RC≤0.5%,Sweetness 450times
Reb-A 98%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥99%, Reb-A≥98%,ST≤0.5%,RC≤0.5%,Sweetness 440times
Reb-A 97%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥99%, Reb-A≥97%,ST≤1%,RC≤0.5%,Sweetness 420times
Reb-A 95%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥98%, Reb-A≥95%,ST≤3%,RC≤1%,Sweetness 400times
Reb-A 90%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥95%, Reb-A≥90%,ST≤5%,RC≤1%,Sweetness 380times
Reb-A 80%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥95%, Reb-A≥80%,ST≤10%,RC≤1%,Sweetness 360times
Reb-A 60%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥90%, Reb-A≥60%,ST≤25%,RC≤8%,Sweetness 320times
Reb-A 50%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥90%, Reb-A≥50%,ST≤30%,RC≤8%,Sweetness 300times

Product Application
Soft  DrinksYogurtPickled CabbageAlcoholic Beverages
Ice CreamSauceWeight Loss ProductsKitchen Sweeteners
JamVegetableTable-topSugar PacketCookies
SeafoodJuiceBaked PieGum
Sports Drinkssugar-free biscuitPickled Glace FruitKorean Shochu
External packaging: :Corrugated carton or drum
Inner packaging::Double-layer polyethylene plastic bag(food grade)
Size::1. carton: 57cm*40cm*39cm
             2.drum(square): 36cm*36cm*59cm
             3.drum(circular): H:59cm D:41.5cm
Volume: :1.carton: 0.089M/carton
       2.drum(square): 0.076m3/drum
       3.drum(circular): 0.082m3/drum
Gross weight:23kg/carton or drum, 28kg/carton or drum
Net weight: 20kg/carton or drum, 25kg/ carton or drum