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New Food Literacy
Dec 12, 2016

What is the new food ingredients, since October 1, 2013, the national health administration to regulate new food ingredient safety assessment material review process, "novel foods" was renamed "new food ingredient", the new food ingredients confused many people, do not know what new food ingredient is, where it came from. Described in more detail in the next new concept of food raw material, regulations, measures, and so on.

New food ingredients in China was originally referred to as "novel foods", that is, in China, new development, new discoveries, new without eating habits, in line with the basic requirements of food, and to human body nonpoisonous and harmless food referred to as novel food ingredients. Features include: (1) in China without eating habits of animals, plants and microorganisms; (2) from animals, plants, microorganisms were isolated in the eating habits of food ingredients in China, (3) new varieties of microorganisms used in food processing; (4) by using a new technique to produce leads to the original composition or structure changes of food raw materials.

New food ingredient does not include genetically modified food, health food, food additive, which should be consistent with the food hygiene law and the provisions of the relevant laws, regulations, standards, to the human body may not have any acute, subacute, chronic, or other potential health hazards. State incentives for scientific research and development of new food ingredients.

Yu October 1, 2013 implementation of new food raw materials security review management approach is by national family planning released of, than Qian of new resources food approach added has new food raw materials accepted Hou that to social sought views of program (accepted new food raw materials application Hou, to social public sought views, in not involved Enterprise commercial confidential of premise Xia, public its production process and the implementation of related standard,. National health family planning since accepted new food raw materials application of day up 60 days, should Organization experts on new food raw materials security assessment material for review, made review conclusion), new food raw materials applicants hide fraud processing Ordinance and the on new food raw materials site verification requirements for has clear provides (on need for site verification of, Organization experts on new food raw materials development and the production site verification and issued site verification views, participate in site verification of experts not participation the products security assessment material of review vote),.

In addition, new food raw material required in the application process in risk assessment, according to the new food ingredient application and admissibility requirements and the provisions of the new food ingredient safety review procedures, reporting units to provide risk assessments issued by risk rating agencies, and refine the new food ingredient declaration and accept to ensure food safety. For each new food ingredient to be audited, National Commission of health safety assessment will be based on the following information and data: a new food ingredient safety evaluation of research reports, reporting, production, implementation of the relevant standards (including safety requirements, specifications, test methods, and so on), labels and brochures, research utilization of safety assessment and related information, and other information useful to review.

On the approval of a new food ingredient, the National Health Commission will be in the form of new food ingredient lists announcements. According to different characteristics of the new food ingredients, bulletin content generally includes the name, source, manufacturing process, main ingredient, quality specifications and labelling and labelling requirements content; the microorganisms and notice its strains.

Compared to the new food ingredients and health food, the difference is: health food refers to food have specific health functions and application must also make it clear that what kind of health care functions and needs in products and qualified health functions on the packaging, and new food ingredients has one or more functions are not products labeled in detail. In addition to the new food ingredients and health food apply different, which applies to any crowd, which are suitable for specific groups to eat. If new food raw materials application in health food in the, need provides following material: 1, and new food raw materials approval of administrative license book (containing Ministry of health announcement); 2, and by local health office record of quality standard; 3, and enterprise of related card as (including QS certificate); 4, and products of HIV acting research material; 5, and samples; 6, and products research of history literature.

At present, there were 81 new food ingredients.