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Natural Sweetener--Total Steviol Glycoside
Jan 22, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:TSG-total steviol glycoside

  • Type:Natural Sweetener

  • Nutritional Value:Non-nutritional Type

  • Effect:Stabilization

  • Resource:Natural

  • Specification:natural sweetener

Product Description
Natural / Low calorie/ High Sweetness / Safety / Stability /Health Care
As a new natural sweetener, stevia is widely used in food, drinks, medicine and daily chemicals. Broadly speaking, stevia can be used to take the place of part of cane sugar or tatally saccharine in most products. At present,stevia is mainly used in beverage and other sweet foods. In addition, it also can be used in tobacco,cold food, canned, preserved fruits, condiment, liquor, chewing gum, toothpaste and mouthwash. Different product has different using dosage. In order to make sure of the goods quality and get a good taste and flavor, it needs repeated studies and experiments to get a better proportion.
Stevia95%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥95%, Reb-A≥50%,ST≥35%,RC≤5%,      Sweetness 300times
Stevia90%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥90%, Reb-A≥25%,ST≥55%,RC≤5%,       Sweetness 280times
Stevia85%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥85%, Reb-A≥20%,ST≥40%,RC≥7%,       Sweetness 250times
Stevia80%: Total Steviol Glycosides≥80%, Reb-A≥15%,ST≥45%,RC ≥8%,     Sweetness 220times

External packaging: :Corrugated carton or drum
Inner packaging::Double-layer polyethylene plastic bag(food grade)
Size::1. carton: 57cm*40cm*39cm
             2.drum(square): 36cm*36cm*59cm
             3.drum(circular): H:59cm D:41.5cm
Volume: :1.carton: 0.089M/carton
       2.drum(square): 0.076m3/drum
       3.drum(circular): 0.082m3/drum
Gross weight:23kg/carton or drum, 28kg/carton or drum
Net weight: 20kg/carton or drum, 25kg/ carton or drum