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More Attention To Drink Raw Material Safety
Dec 12, 2016

With China's rapid economic development and the rapid increase of urban and rural residents ' income levels, drink safe consumption concept has been widely accepted. Beverage production enterprises in the beverage manufacturing processes not only must pay enough attention to this, and should be used as far as possible secure a food as raw material. Safety green food, organic food and pollution-free agricultural products, including agricultural products, these three categories of products is like a pyramid, tower base for pollution-free agricultural products, green, Spire is in the middle of organic agricultural products, and more to the more stringent requirements on. Due to new technology, new material, new material is widely used as well as environmental pollution brought about by industrial development, inevitably lead to beverage business factors preventing the contaminated drinks becoming more diverse and complex. From the perspective of beverage raw materials contaminated, it can be divided into two categories of biological contamination and chemical pollution. Because parasites of pollution relative easy solution, so biological pollution main is refers to microbial pollution, except prevent salmonella, and Golden Staphylococcus, and Escherichia coli, common pathogenic bacteria of pollution zhiwai, for fungi large exists Yu nature in the and its produced of toxins pathogenic sex strong, again plus fungi has was widely application Yu beverage industrial, so new strains of using, and strains of variation, and by using strains whether will produced toxins, problem must caused beverage production enterprise of height attention. For the beverage industry, chemical pollution caused by pesticides, heavy metals and chemical pollution of the packaging. With the development of high efficiency, low toxicity and low-residue pesticides success and disabled for some highly toxic, high pesticide residue, pesticide residues in beverage raw high side there has been a marked improvement in the situation. But intractable features of types such as organochlorine pesticides, for quite some time in the future in the industry of beverage raw materials on pesticide residues must not despise. Due to the increased awareness of environmental protection and pollution control of intensive, heavy metals pollution of beverage raw materials enterprises have gradually starting to pay attention, but in the short term as far as possible to minimize heavy metal residues in the drinks still need to make great efforts. In addition, modern packaging materials industry is developing rapidly, so drinks containers, packaging materials caused by chemical pollution also caught the attention of the beverage business.

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