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Mannitol Intravenous Infusion
Feb 08, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:250ml: 50g

  • Trademark:SHIMEN

  • Specification:BP2000

Product Description
Mannitol Injection
Name: Mannitol Injection
Main ingredients: D-Mannitol
Structural formula: C6H14O6
Mol wt: 182.17
Description The product is clear colorless liquid.

Pharmacology and toxicity
Mannitol is one of glycose. It could not be metabolized in the body, and only little could be re-absorbed in the renal tububle after filtration by the glomerulum and have the effect of osmosis diuresis.
(1)Tissue Dehydration. Mannitol could increase the plasma osmosis pressure, lead to that the water in the tissues (including the eyes, cerebral, cerebrospinal fluid and etc. )come into the vein, and get the effect of decreasing the tissue hydrops, lowering the volume and pressure of intracular pressure, intracranial pressure and cerebrospinal fluid. Mannitol 1g could produce the osmosis concentration 5.5mOsm, and administration intravenously of Mannitol 100g could make 2000ml liquid transfer from the inner cell to outer cell and excrete the sodium 50g.

The absorbance rate is very little if Mannitol is taken orally. Taken intravenously Mannitol quickly enter into the extracellular fluid and not enter into the cell. But when Mannitol - plasma concentration is very high or acidosis happen, Mannitol could penetrate the blood brain barrier and may lead to intracranial pressure spring. Diuresis appears after administering intravenously one hour and could keep 3 hours. Decreasing the intra-ocular pressure and intracranial pressure appear after administering intravenously 15 minutes, reach the peak after30~60minutes, keep 3~8hours. Mannitol can produce glucogen through liver, but usually the amount is excreted through kidney is very little because Mannitol is excreted quickly through kidney after administering intravenously. T1/2 of this product is 100minutes, but when acute renal function happens T1/2 could be extended to 6 hours; And when the renal function is normal, administering intravenously mannitol 100g, 80% of Mannitol is excreted in 3 hours by kidney.

Action and usage:
(1) Dehydration drug. It can be used for the treatment of cerebral edema, decreasing the intracranial pressure, and the prevention of cerebral hernia.
(2) Decrease the intra-ocular pressure. The product can be used when there is any effect with other medicine or used for the preparation of eye surgery.
(3) Osmotic diuretic. Used to identify oliguresis caused by all kinds of factors, also used for the prevention of acute renal tububle necroses.
(4) Used to treat the renal disease syndrome, ascites due to cirrhosis as the auxiliary hydragog.
(5) For the overdose or toxicosis of some medicine, such as barbital, lithium, salicylate and bromide, the product can promote the excretion of the aforementioned and prevent the renal toxicity.
(6) Used as irrigation when the patient is made prostate excision surgery through the urethra.
(7) Before the surgery make the intestinal canal preparation.

Overdose: If the overdose happen, gastrolavage should be used as early as possible, and make the treatment against the disease, pay attention to the blood pressure, electrolyte, and renal function.
Specification: 250ml: 50g
Storage: Protect from the light and preserve in the tight container.
Package: 30 bottles/carton
Validity: Two years