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Mannitol (BP98/CP2005/USP26)
Feb 08, 2017

Product Detail

Product Description
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Below is the specification.

Testing result
Characteristics: White crystal powder
Melting point: 167-168 C
Acidity or alkalinity: Qualified
Clarity and colour of solution: Qualified
Specific optical rotation: +230
Lead: < 0.5ppm
Nickel: <1ppm
Chloride: <0.0050%
Sulphate: <0.0100%
Reducing sugars: Qualified
Sorbitol: Qulified
Loss on drying: 0.1%
Sulphated ash: 0.03%
Content: 99.6%
Bacteria endotoxins: Qualified
Preparation: Mannitol intravenous infusion

Conclusion: This porduct is in accordance with the british pharmacopoeia(edition BP98/CP2005/USP26)