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Mannitol (BP2000, EP2000, USP26)
Feb 08, 2017

Product Detail

Product Description
Mannitol injection can reduce internal pressure of head and eye and induce diuresis, thus is clinically used in large amount in various domestic hospitals. Besides, it also can prevent rising of the blood-pressure, arteriosclerosis, meningitis as well as sugar diabetes. In field of microbiology, mannitol is a good culture medium of some microorganism.
Act as large injection's raw material and troche's supplementary material.
Not absorbed when taken orally, mannitol is often intravenous-injected with 20% hypertonic injection, which can promote the tissue-fluid water's diffusion towards plasma so to produce the deaquation.
Prevent acute renal failure.
Cure glaucoma and hydrocephalus.
Cure encephalitis B.
Be added into some medicines as troche's bulking agent and excipient.
Be used in nicotinic vinegar's compounding.

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