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Feb 04, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:maltitol liquid

  • Type:Maltitol

  • Nutritional Value:Nutritional

  • Effect:Retains Water

  • Resource:Natural

  • Specification:maltitol75%

  • Origin:Shandong

  • HS Code:3824909990

Product Description
Maltitol75% syrup
Maltitol is got from Maltose (abstracted from Starch) after hydrogenation, similar as other polyols Maltitol will not cause Maillard Browning Reaction, has strong sweet taste and no need to mix with other sweetener. Maltitol has no cooling sensation when dissolved in mouth, can be used in producing many kinds of food instead of sucrose, and also used in diary products instead of fat.

1. As sweet as sucrose
2. Low calorie sweetener: 2.1calorie /g
3. Good to produce all kinds of low calorie, low fat and sugar free food, Especially good to produce chocolate food
4. No affect for blood sugar and insulin level, good for diabetic patient
5. Anti-cariogenic

Maltitol Syrup
ItemReference FCCIV
AppearanceColorless sticky liquid
Solid SubstanceMIN 75.0%
Water contentMAX25.0%
Assay(Maltitol)MIN 50.0%
Reducing Sugars MAX 0.30%
TransparencyMIN 95%
Sulphate ashMAX0.3%
PH in Solution4~6
Heavy MetalsMAX 10PPM
Total bacteria  cfu/gMax 1000
Coliforms MPN/100gMAX 30
Mould and YeastMAX 10
PathogenNot exist

1. In functional foods
Nearly no absorption or anabolism in human body, can be used as raw material to produce food to diabetic and obesity patients.
2. In confectionery and chocolate
With Maltitols good taste, moisture retention and non-crystallization, good to be used for producing confectionery, including cotton candy, hard candy, transparent soft candy and etc. 
3. In fruit juice drinks
Viscosity and non-fermentation, good to be used in floating fruit juicy drinks or lactic acid drinks instead of sugar, to get a better, fuller and smoother taste.
4. In frozen food
Add Maltitol into ice cream to make it finer and viscous, the product can taste fuller sweet and have longer shelf life.

 Syrup: 275kg/drum; 22mts/20'gp

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