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Imo Organic-Certified 1000 Mesh Organic Matcha Powder
Feb 02, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:TP-003

  • Type:Matcha

  • Style:Tea Powder

  • Specialty:Organic Tea

  • Packaging:Bags

Product Description
Matcha, the most famous, and commonly-drank tea in Japan, is a finely-powdered green tea. Matcha originates from China Tang Dynasty(618-907), and were the only tribute way of drinking tea in Tang & Song Dynasties(960-1279) in China. At that period, the preparation of Matcha is more complicated, and has more steps than the current Japanese Matcha ceremony.

Then in Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), the Emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang banned the production of cake teas, and encourage the loose leaves tea for his personal reason. (this mostly connected to his humble origin). Hence, from then on, loose leaves tea has been popular in China till now.
1000mesh is a powder diameter standard. In other words, 1000 mesh means 1000 tiny holes in the screen per square inch, which is about 0.013 milimeter per powder in diameter.

Preparing Matcha is a very simple. Step 1: Wash the bowl, whisk first.
Step 2, put one tablespoon or twos into the Chawan; (about 2g)
Step 3. To pour about 3cc warm water into Chawan first, then whisk the Matcha with the water.
Step 4. Repour the 60cc warm water into Chawan, and whisk the Matcha in the W shape to get as many bubbles as possible, so that you can drink the Matcha.
So now you can drink it. Or you can also add some honey, other flavors into it, and enjoy both Match and other flavors tastes. Enjoy the freshness of Matcha.
Besides of drinking, Matcha can also be used in bakery, icecream, Matcha yoghurt, DIY Matcha mask to smooth your skin, and so on.