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GMP Certified Bp/Ep/USP Mannitol Pyrogen Free Injection Grade
Jan 28, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Mannitol

  • Nutritional Value:Nutritional

Product Description
Mannitol (pharm grade/food grade/tech grade)
1. Pharm indsutry
2. Food industry
3. Tech industry
Product Description
Mannitol bp/usp, food grade, pharm grade, injection grade
Mannitol (BP2000/USP30/FCC4) Pyrogen free -biggest manufacturer in China
1. Pharmaceutical industry: Injection material; Used in producing the mannitol injection solution, reducing the encephalic pressure, the intraocular pressure etc.
Excipient of filler for tablets: Used in the anticancer drug, antibacterial, antihistamine medicine, in vitamin, drunk awaking drug, the mouth freshener tablet and so on.
Vasodilator medicine for blood vessel of brain: Used in treating the blood vessel blocked of brain.
Diuretic stuff: Mannitol is a kind of mild laxative lapactic which has a special curative effect to oliguria and the kidney function failure caused by dropsy, burnt and so on.
2. Food industry: As sweetener, used for sugar free food, health food and chewing gum. Chocolate cote for ice cream and sugar.
3. Chemical industrial: Use for electrolyte, synthesizing polyester, toothpaste industry instead of glycerol.