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Foof Additive Sweetener Xylitol for Food
Feb 02, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Xylitol

  • Nutritional Value:Nutritional

  • Effect:Stabilization

  • Resource:Natural

  • Transport Package:25kgs/Carton 25kgs/Bag

  • Specification:natural sweetener

  • Origin:China Hebei

  • HS Code:3001200020

Product Description
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Xylitol is a new natural sweetener which is as sweet as sucrose. It has appearance of white crystal or crystalline powder. It is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and carbinol. Its melting point is 92-96ºC and boiling point is 216ºC. Xylitol absorbs energy when soluble in water. It has a strong cooling effect when being taken. It widely exists in fruits and vegetables. Xylitol is also an intermediate involved in the glycometabolism of human body. It is now widely applied in food, medicine, light industries and etc.
Product Application

1. Food Industry:sugar-free chewing gums, sugar-free chocolates, sugar-free candies,sugar-free cakes, sugar-free drinks and fruits jellies,etc.
2. Medicine: injections, health drinks, digestive drug, throat soother, cough syrup, etc.

3. Cosmetics: facial cream, beauty cream, cleaner, etc

4. Hygienic Product: toothpaste, mouth cleansers, etc.


 1. Xylitol is ideal for using in the resuscitation of diabetic and hepatic. Xylitol is an intermediate that regularly operate on the glycometabolism in human body. It is often used for auxiliary therapeutic agent.

2. It has the function of tooth-decay prevention, because it cannot be utilized by cariogenic bacteria in oral cavity.

3. It can improve liver function.

4. It can be used as energy resource of parental nutrition.

1. Cleans and protects teeth

Xylitol is anti-cariogenic because xylitol cannot be utilized by buccal cariogenic bacteria and thus prevents the growthof bacteria.

2. Solubility

Xylitol is soluble in water. It will gives you a pleasant cool and fresh sensation when being eaten owing to its character of high endothermic in solution.

3. Sweetness

The sweetness of xylitol equals to sucrose at normal temperature, it is 1.2 times sweetner than sucrose at low temperature.

4. Stable Blood Glucose Level

The metabolism of xylitol in human body does not involve insulin and will not rise blood glucose level.

5. Chemical Stability

Xyliyol has a nature of high-resistance, it is passive to acid and alkali, it will not react aminophenol and protein.
PowderFCC,NF,JP,BP,EP,E976Sugar-free Chewing Gum
Granular(DC)Food Grade, Pharma GradeDirectly Compressible candy