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Food Additive D-Xylose in China
Jan 28, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Xylitol

  • Nutritional Value:Nutritional

  • Effect:Stabilization

  • Resource:Chemosynthesis

  • Specification:crystal

Product Description
D-Xylose is thin acicular crystal, having the appearance if tiny white crystal or powder. It has sweet taste with the sweetness 70% of sucrose; Its melting point is 147-152ºC. It has mutarotation phenomenon; At 20ºC,117g of xylose is soluble in water of 100g. Under the temperature condition of same level, its viscosity ratio of saturated solution is less than xylitol and glucose. Xylose is one kind of monosaccharide, different from glucose and fructose in daily consumption. Xylose cannot provide heat for the human body but it promotes the growth of human intestinal bifidobacterium and improves human microorganism environment and immunity. It is mainly used to produce xylitiol and applied widely in food processing and medical industries.