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Do You Know Why Sodium Cyclamate Is Not The Same As Saccharin?
Dec 13, 2016

In we of life in the of many of people like sweets, sweets of edible will to we of life brings is big of happy of, we of life in the of about sweets of additives of using is very of more of, in we of life in the of sweets of additives of using as long as is amount of, we is can assured of edible of, and sweet pigment is which a, you know sweet pigment and saccharin of difference did?

Sweet pigment of using is in international Shang are is admitted of security of additives, we in using of when is has security of guarantees of, such of guarantees on will let we of using more of assured has, it of using is sucrose of 30 to 40 times times, is is good of food additives, in making process Shang is after has layer layer checks of, quality is has guarantee of; and saccharin of sweet degrees is sucrose of 450 even 500 times times, but, today in rural of market Shang of saccharin of quality of using is to be improve of, so, We will not mix the two together.

This is the use of cyclamate in our lives, through our thorough understanding, I believe we will have more confidence to use cyclamate, believing that it will better meet the needs of our sweets.