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Dextrose Anhydrous
Jan 26, 2017
Basic Info
  • Type: Dextrose Anhydrous

  • Resource: Chemosynthesis

  • Handling&Storage: in The Warehouse of Ventilation, Dry

  • Formula: C6h12o6

  • Effect: Food Additives

  • Name: Dextrose Anhydrous

  • Appearance: White Crystalline Powder, Odorless

  • Origin: Jiangsu, China

Product Description

Dextrose Anhydrous

Food and beverage; animal feed; confectionery; pharmaceuticals; industrial applications (raw material of manufacturing sorbitol, mannitol, gluconates and reducing agent for dye manufacturing); flavours & fragrance;fuel field (octane enhancer in gasoline); resin manufacturing (modifier and plasticizer); adhesives: (flow control)

PRODUCT NAME:Dextrose Anhydrous
SYNONYMS:D-Glucose anhydrous; Dextrose
PROPERTIES:White crystal or a white crystalline powder
EINECS NO.:207-757-8
CAS NO.:50-99-7
Components:Guaranteed Analysis:
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder, odorless
Specific rotation+52.0~53.5 degree
Acidity (ml)0.15ml(NaOH) max
Chloride125ppm max
Sulphate200ppm max
Sulphites15ppm max
Moisture1.0ppm max
Lead0. 5ppm max
Calcium200ppm max
Sulphated ash0.1% max
Arsenic1ppm max
Pyrogens(TAL10% solution)0.25Eu/ml
PACKING:In 25kg paper kraft bag
Others as per customer's requirement
QUANTITY/CONTAINER:24MT/1x20FCL without pallets
HANDLIN&STORAGE:It must be stored in the warehouse of ventilation, dry and can not be mixed with poisonous. Transportation is the same as storage.