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Decrypt Xylitol ' New ' Health Features
Dec 13, 2016

Sugar-sugar alcohol as a star in the field of functional sugar alcohols, in the prevention of dental caries, does not increase blood glucose values (suitable for diabetics), improve liver function, promote the proliferation of Bifidobacterium's function has been widely recognized.
Recent research on domestic and foreign experts, found that xylitol is the physiological function of a number of new and derivative:
1, xylitol can improve intestinal calcium absorption and calcium retention.
Finland animal experiments show that xylitol and calcium compounds can improve intestinal calcium absorption and calcium retention in the body. After a 12-week study confirmed that the best Mole ratio of 1:5 for xylitol and calcium.

2, xylitol may inhibit and reduce ear infections in children
United States Pediatrics College of medicine, a new medical research shows that consuming xylitol sweetener, can inhibit and reduce ear infections in children. Known wood sugar alcohol block mutation hammer bacteria of growth and can anti-caries, for discussion wood sugar alcohol on caused acute otitis media of pneumonia Streptococcus whether also has also of role, the research on 857 name children for has test, let they chewing clothing to wood sugar alcohol for base material of gum and glial fudge, or taking wood syrup, results found this class ear Department infection of cases has obviously reduced.

3, xylitol has a skin care function
Japan reported that xylitol as a pharmaceutical preparation, glucose and glutamic acid the same, can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. As reducing intraocular pressure outside the used mannitol, xylitol, erythritol also has this effect. Japan Shiseido Company Announces regular period, that xylitol is not only has the same glycerol hydrating and improving the effect of roughness of the skin, but do not use sticky, is all the more refreshing. Shiseido company has started developing skin care products equipped with xylitol, ready to produce this year to water and emulsion based cosmetics makeup lived.

4, xylitol for insulin and hormone levels of stability has promoted
Xylitol can stabilize insulin in the blood, also plays a stabilizing role of estrogen. Indicators of high insulin levels, increased estrogen, is the dominant condition of breast cancer, could also interfere with the healthy function of the ovaries. Insulin resistance is the cause hormone problems (also known as long on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) an important reason. So reducing insulin levels is essential, not only for the treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, but also decomposed more hormone imbalance, to reduce the risk of breast cancer is important.
Using xylitol instead of sugar, while reducing intake of refined carbohydrates can help people not only reduces the risk of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, ovarian cysts, PMS, as well as unpleasant menopausal fever, as well as to control weight gain also have a beneficial effect.
In short, xylitol is sugar metabolism in human normal intermediate, it physiological functions of the human body has more health-promoting effect.