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Feb 03, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Appearance:Powder

  • Quality:Refined

  • Specification:99.7%

  • Origin:Puyang, China

  • HS Code:29400000

Product Description
Molecular Formula: C5H1OO5
Molecular Weight: 150.13
CAS No: [59-51-8]

Characteristics: White crystalline powder or colorless needles, freely in soluble in water, soluble in hot alcohol, insoluble in ether. It has the right optical rotation. Sweetness of D-Xylose is about 40% of the sucrose.

Quality Standards: The standard of this company) is equivalent to FCCIV and BP98 and USP

The Characteristics and Uses: Xylose can stimulate the proliferation of bifidobacterium and optimize the body microbial environment and enhance body immunization. With the process of hydrogenation, xylose can be made into xylitol and used as sweetener in foods and drinks. It also has a wide application in pharmacy and chemical industries.

Package: Plastic-woven bag with a polyethylene liner, net weight: 25kg/bag. We also can provide special package according to customers' requirement.

Storage Condition: Must be stored in dry and ventilative environment. Avoid moisture and solarization. Normally 24 months.