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Alert To See Sugar
Dec 13, 2016

Shows that in four flavor of sour, sweet, bitter, hot, most easily acceptable and is warm and sweet, dessert can be said to be human instinct. According to the Health Organization's latest survey results, each woman an average annual consumption of 64 kilograms of sweets. "Sugar-coated bullet" in hand, ready to invade your body set up camp, and together with the fat, undermine health. It is easier to avoid sweets and cakes such synonymous with equivalent sugar desserts, but some seem not to sugary foods as hidden "sweet killer". It needs to have a pair of eyes.
1, look at the nutritional ingredient list on the package. Organic sugar and carbohydrates that can be digested into glucose than refined sugar, harmful to small. Try to use less added sodium cyclamate, saccharin, ansai effective sweetener such as honey food. Healthier food as oligosaccharides and sugar alcohols.
2, does not mean sugar-free low-fat and fat-free foods. Some low-fat or fat-free foods will often add sugar to improve their dull taste. For example, low-fat or fat-free yogurt.
3, the pace of life in present tense, prompting various convenient cooking sauces in short supply on supermarket shelves. Pasta sauce, ketchup, salad dressing, etc, provided half the calories come from sugar.
4, a lot of processed fruit juice sugar content exceeds the normal amount. The drink consists of a sweetener to taste, a sense of satiety and affect the absorption of other nutrients.
5, most alcoholic drinks also contain sugar, wine is the most typical. Add sugar in the wine during the fermentation process to moderate increase alcohol. After fermentation, there will be residual sugar in the wine. You can enjoy wine at the same time, you also enjoy "sweet".