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  • Organic Isomaltooligosaccharide/IMO 90% Powder

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    Organic Isomaltooligosaccharide/IMO 90% Powder

    100% USDA/EU certified organic isomaltooligosaccharide 90% powder from China Product Introduction Isomalto-oligosaccharide, also called IMO, IMO (Isomalto-oligosaccharides) is one kind of prebiotic that is able to improve gastrointestinal health and body health, which is derived from refined...Read More

  • Pure Organic IMO 50% Powder

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    Pure Organic IMO 50% Powder

    Top quality hot selling NOP certified pure organic IMO 50% powder Product Introduction The IMO-90 is made from glucose by special biological enzyme technology. It is also named Bificus-factor because of its powerful growth stimulation of the main intestinal beneficial bacteria--Bifid bacteria,...Read More

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