Organic FOS

Organic FOS

Fructo-oligosaccharide(FOS) is an important type in oligosaccharides, also called as kestose oligosaccharide.It refers to kestose, nystose, 1F-fructofuranosy lnystose and their mixtures that fructose residues of sucrose molecule, by β(2—1)glucosidic bond, connect with 1~3  fructosyls. It's an excellent soluble dietary fiber and becomes more and more popular recently ,especially in Japan


Organic Fos is found in many plants and vegetables,such as bananas,plums,onion,scallion,Jerusalem artichoke.Its main souces are sucrose and Jerusalem artichoke.

Organic FOS has high resistance tolerance.

Effective intake:3g/d

Safe intake: for adult:20g/d Female:0.4g/kg Male:0.3g/kg

Effects on health:

  1. protect liver

  2. prevent obesity

  3. promote the absorption of minera substance and the exclution of poisonous waste in intestine canal

  4. promote Vitamin's composition and improve immunity

  5. prevent tooth decay

  6. promote baby's absorption of nutrient substance


Soft and hard drinks/yoghourt/baby milk/baby rice flour/baked food/healthcare products

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